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Neutral, effective, agreeable

Hollie S. Cutler is an attorney with over 30 years of experience. She can mediate in a way that often results in an agreement on both sides.


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Mediation is quicker and more cost-effective than taking the case to court. Hollie S. Cutler can help you reach an agreement.


Mediation and negotiation

Hollie S. Cutler is a certified mediator with professional training. With her problem-solving attitude, she will guide you through the mediation of your dispute quickly and effectively. In a situation where you require mediation, you can count on Hollie to employ a reasonable position.

Hollie S. Cutler deals with all kinds of family law. Let her help you negotiate a settlement in a peaceful, reasonable manner.


Hollie can help seek a resolution in:

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If you need mediation services in Annapolis, Maryland, think of the Law Offices of Hollie S. Cutler.

 •  Breaches of contract

 •  Payment disputes

 •  Enforcement of non-competes

 •  Family law matters

 •  Custody

 •  Visitation

 •  Child support